There is this thing about salt. It makes everything better, even in cookies. Just a pinch, is the difference between okay and awesome. The small thing, the moment, the briefly captured experience, light landing beautifully or the color that changes a scene from ordinary to breath-taking.


I try to make my work about that tipping point. Moments.


My newest series is of digital collages, retouched and layered images, and are based on the idea that there are moments that are beautiful. I saw themes in series of photos I had taken and decided to combine and overlap the images, making them interact, and juxtapose the most beautiful parts.


The most recent professional portfolio work I have done is in the area of art direction and retouching images. I'm been privileged to have worked on some internationally known ad campaigns. And through it, I developed a set of skills that hones in on perfecting images; meanwhile, sometimes the oddities are really the parts worth keeping. I came to lament removing the uniqueness and started creating collages behind portraits (the Values Series). Those collages spiraled into this series of work starting with “The Two Tates, London”. The Tate Modern and Tate Britain both have these amazing windows, I combined my photos.


I’ve been really inspired by light over the last few years. Especially the light in Europe—it is different than here. Recently having traveled to Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria I’ve been lucky enough to capture thousands of images that express this exact thing. Venice’s light is really special.


I have created since I was old enough to hold a pencil. People ask all the time: when did you start? I cannot recall a time when I did not create. I hope you have something, that’s innately part of you, to share, too.


My most recent position was crucial in the development of museums. I tracked assets and helped manage the development of the 8 room exhibit area including all media. I tracked and managed the development of the art and assets for UI interactive designs including apps, full-body motion engagement plus much more.


I have worked closely with industry leaders in international companies, helping to launch their products and campaigns. We’ve planned and developed not only museums but also large scale exhibit booths and other interactive signage and way-finding systems for places like the Resch.


I have regularly been given more responsibility in the positions I have held often expanding into leadership, polic-ymaking, planning, organizational strategies, training staff and/or volunteers in previous experience--as well as museum planning which considers visitors and patrons.


I have extensive experience developing scheduling and programs that range from months to years. This list includes developing permanent exhibits, temporary exhibits, special events of all sizes, social spaces and for educational learning and engagement of people of all ages. I’m currently invested in museum designs and fabrication of faculties (and have seen which strengths and weaknesses are critical in this unique position.) As an added strength I hold a MS in Management and Organizational Behavior.


I have a diverse background from designing and directing for just about every media, planning large events (80,000 attendee music festival,) teaching at the secondary level, professor at the college level,  working in marketing, and my current adventure as an Art Director. I’ve been a part of public and private companies of all sizes, from 12 people to 25,000. And all levels of education, from kindergarten through working at the college level.


I am familiar with almost all aspects of art and design from fine art through interactive multi-media and functional or an advance practitioner in many. I have worked around design and marketing for about 20 years and have a diverse set of skills that are well-developed.


Working as an Art Director, managing 6 designers' work helped me develop as a coach and leader, working in marketing and graphics has enabled me to see the business of design and strategically plan projects; graphic design experience developed an understanding and forecasting of the creative markets and needs. And teaching has made me a well-rounded administrator. I have worked in many capacities including developing marketing plans and almost all aspects of project management, art direction, photography, popular social media, Web site management, volunteer management, event planning, plus much more.


While in marketing, I was also responsible for forecasting the needs for event-based items and garments, tracking and keeping inventory and maintaining the supply of promotional print materials.






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